The Bi-Forum Meetings

The bisexual forum meets on the second Tuesday of the month from 7:30 to 9:30pm at The Center in Hillcrest. We are a self help support and discussion group for bisexuals, their partners, friends and for people who are not sure of their sexual orientation or gender identity. We offer a safe and confidential environment for open discussion, questions and sharing of experiences. We also offer monthly social events. At our meetings we split into two groups. One discusses a wide array of issues related to bisexuality. The other is a support group. Here we will share on a more personal level. However this is NOT a therapy group. In this group we encourage you to use I messages.

We have a board of directors and usually two coordinators. We usually have different facilitators each month for the support and discussion groups. If you have any ideas for change or wish to volunteer please let the board of directors know.

1.    We meet for coffee at the Urban Grind after this meeting for continued discussions and socializing.

2.    Please come to our social every 4th Tuesday at The Other Side Coffee House at 7:30pm. This event is for open, lively discussions about any topic. You are welcome to join us to share your thoughts or just enjoy some java and listen.

3.    4th Sunday of the month Bisexual Sunday Brunch 9:30 A.M. at a place to be named soon

4.    Parties-if you want to host a party let us know and we can help plan/organize/pay for it.

5.    If you have any suggestions for social activities or want to host your own party let us or know (examples-dinner outings, hiking, picnic, beach, etc.)

6.    If you are new to the social scene and like to go out dancing or to the clubs let us know. We have a group that goes out regularly and it's a lot of fun!